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Vintage Sugar Bowl Candle
Vintage Sugar Bowl Candle
Vintage Sugar Bowl Candle
Hesperia Apothecary

Vintage Sugar Bowl Candle

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*This candle is approximately 15 oz and has two wicks. The scent is Cardamon Tea & Amber that has notes of grapefruit, ginger, cardamom, tea, pink pepper, cinnamon and amber are balanced by cedar + vetiver.*

All of our candles are handmade and typically one of a kind. If we have more then one it will be listed in the quantity.

While thrifting and we find pieces that inspire us to make something beautiful and unique for your home.

We use Coco Apricot Crème wax for all our candles and melts. 

This wax is:

  • Clean burning, biodegradable and natural
  • Renewable, vegan and non-toxic
  • Skin-Safe: clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed
  • Easy to use, single-pour wax
  • Bright white color
  • Even, slow burn with excellent adhesion
  • Great hot / cold throw
  • Easily holds up to 12% fragrance load
  • Contains a heat antioxidant to prevent discoloration + UV Stabilizer to protect dye colors
  • Made from apricot, soy, coconut and food-grade paraffin in the USA


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