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Sweet Orange Kojic Acid DIPALMITATE Soap Bar
Sweet Orange Kojic Acid DIPALMITATE Soap Bar
Sweet Orange Kojic Acid DIPALMITATE Soap Bar
Hesperia Apothecary

Sweet Orange Kojic Acid DIPALMITATE Soap Bar

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Small Bar is approx 3 oz & Large Bar is approx 5 oz

4% pure Kojic acid Dipalmitate Bar in our Sweet Citrus Scent

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate( Kojic Dipalmitate, SpecWhite® KAD) has an excellent property of inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase present in the human skin so as to inhibit melanin formation. It is more efficacious than straight kojic acid. Kojic Acid Dipalmitate can produce excellent effects in even toning the skin, fighting age spots, pregnancy marks, freckles as well as general skin pigmentation disorders of face and body.**

Kojic acid is sometimes used in health and beauty products to lighten the skin. It may be used to treat skin conditions, such as sun damage, scars, and age spots.

Kojic acid works by blocking tyrosine from forming, which then prevents melanin production. Decreased melanin production may have a lightening effect on the skin.

The benefits of using products containing kojic acid may include the following:

Anti-aging effect: Products containing kojic acid may lighten the skin, which can improve the appearance of age spots and sun damage. The reduction of dark spots can have an anti-aging effect.

Treat melasma: Kojic acid may also be helpful in decreasing melasma, which is darkening of the skin due to pregnancy.

Decrease the appearance of scars: Kojic acid may also reduce the discoloration of scars. Although the acid does not improve the thickness of scar tissue, it may reduce dark pigmentation associated with certain types of scars. Lightening the scar may make it less noticeable.

Antifungal benefits: Kojic acid is also thought to have some antifungal benefits. It may be helpful in preventing and treating certain fungal infections, such as athlete's foot and yeast infections.

Antibacterial effects: Kojic acid may also provide antibacterial benefits. It may help decrease the chances of developing common types of bacterial skin infections."

*This product is handmade and variations may occur in color, texture, or scent.

**DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Hesperia Apothecary is not making any medical claims. If irritation occurs please discontinue use.

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